This CD will allow you to AUTOMATICALLY CONTROL OTHER'S THOUGHTS without any conscious effort,  you will control other people's minds easily and naturally once you listen to the...

Automatic Mind Control CD™

"I couldn't believe it... She did EXACTLY what I was thinking and I didn't even try..."

My friend, that is precisely what one of the listeners of this "Automatic Submission CD" said after only using it for 2 days.

That's right -- he used this CD for 2 days and found that people were doing what he wanted them to do...

                he didn't SAY anything...

                he made NO conscious effort...

                it simply HAPPENED!                    ZAPP!

Look -- you will acquire the POWER to AUTOMATICALLY Control EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT of anyone you choose!  These techniques are very powerful and will work for you effortlessly -- all you have to do is listen to invoke any state you want upon others and INSTANTLY & AUTOMATICALLY have TOTAL Control over them.

This CD is so much more POWERFUL than anything you've EVER seen before -- it is the ULTIMATE in Mind Control -- 

So, how did he learn how to do it?  This is what Reed Byron said about this AWESOME Brain-Talk™ CD in his Inner-Circle Ezine...

"I know I work on other projects but because of the TIME and extensive training and studying I've done on this subject and all of my work seems to focus on this, I have some new discoveries to share with you.  So read on... 

My team and I have been working to finish a new project that I've been planning since the beginning of the year. It has taken a lot, but this new tool will amaze you all -- I wish each of you can experience this. Some of my students of Mind Control will really enjoy this new CD -- why? because it trains your mind to be able to get that control over other INSTANTLY -- 

but it's BETTER than instantly because the new CD allows you to do it UNCONSCIOUSLY -- without trying -- We call it "AUTOMATIC SUBMISSION" 

What would you do if those around you began to AUTOMATICALLY follow your thought/commands? 

Think about it -- INSTANT MIND CONTROL --

you wouldn't have to SAY anything or even consciously THINK anything... 

It is designed for those who have taken the Complete Mind Control System training and KNOW the basic technique... but it takes it far into the NEXT level. It does this by first taking you into a trance -- then, begins the work. Your mind is programmed to USE the technique that you've learned WITHOUT consciously thinking about it! 


Now, that's amazing! 

I have personally used this CD on myself because I've noticed and my students have told me that even though they know the technique... often, they either forget to use it, or don't have the time to get the skill to do it with eyes open and on the fly... which is the reason we've developed this CD... 

And the best part of it is that it does all the work for you (as long as you've learned the basic technique) You listen for at least 10 days and then you start to use the techniques AUTOMATICALLY. Yes, it's true, then other people AUTOMATICALLY submit themselves to YOUR WILL -- 


And think about it -- you didn't even TRY to do it! It just HAPPENS! Now that is something to RAVE about, isn't it.

Now, I know how some people are -- they read what I've just written and probably think "I bet it's no different than something else out there" or "I wonder if this will work for me"

Friends, let me just say, I have studied the Ancient Arts. 

I have learned the Chinese Secrets, I've been taught by the Hindu Priests and have continued to immerse myself with the magical arts of hypnosis, NLP, DBB, Brain-Talk, Subliminals and ALL of the mind sciences... and Friends, let me just say... 

That this new CD has some things NO ONE has EVER used on CD before. I have used SPECIFIC Covert Commands that have come DIRECTLY from Ancient Magickal Sources and they will work for you. 

Yes, there are truly "MAGICKAL" suggestions on this CD that will begin to work in you, around you, and through you WITHOUT CONSCIOUS EFFORT! -- that's the best part isn't it.

It will change the way people will treat you, see you, and THINK about you because they will AUTOMATICALLY begin to SUBMIT themselves to YOU, PERIOD. Why? Because when your thoughts have been altered, you can then alter theirs, easily and without effort! Remember, this will program you to USE what you've been taught."

                    By now you've realized that this brand new CD from Reed -- will literally allow you to control others WITHOUT TRYING! -- Reed's been there and done that -- and there is simply nothing out there that comes even close to "Automatic Mind Control"

Read what other people just like you have experienced when they USE Reed's systems and CDs:

Reed Received this testimonial on August 8, 2002 --

"I would just like to say that last year I purchased the CMCS [Complete Mind Control System] from you and it has been an excellent program. IT DOES WORK I was totally amazed. Thank you and looking forward to future purchases."

"I don't know if you remember me or not, but I had got a cassette from
you about 2 months ago or longer. On Mind Control On Others. This tape
is so awesome it worked for me 3 days after I received it. 

Bright Blessings To You, and Thank You for doing this making these
tapes. Your an awesome person. Thanks, D. D."

"Man the work you guy's are putting out is getting better and better. I'm blown away with the latest i received.. has me buzzing all over.. it was #2 in the seduction series "automatic flirt / pheromone"  Ive studied hypnosis for about 4 years now.. "Erickson.. etc." that latest CD is da'bomb.  This evening at the Community College i go to, i was a flirting machine.. all had a blast during our breaks!" -- regarding Reed's Automatic Flirt CD


"I have just run through your 4 CD "Mental Psychic Seduction System" and I just wanted to say that your expert use of Dual Binaural Beat Technology, much like Shamanic drumming, makes them the most powerful recorded hypnotic inductions I have ever experianced, more powerful than either 'Major Mark' Cunninghams "Hypnotic Awakenings" or evan Dr Richard Bandler's "Personal Enhancement Series". What is truly fascinating to me, though, was the immediately noticeable effects of the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" on my everyday encounters with other people. As far as I could tell, I was behaving just the same as I was before the inductions and yet, everyone I met after running through the System, especially women, reacted differently to me, in a much more relaxed, open and friendly way. At first, I assumed that the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" had simply enhanced my rapport skills at an unconscious level, which would be worth the price of the System alone. In fact, I found that when I deliberately set out to assertively lead rather than pace, I found that women were suprisingly happy to go along with whatever I suggested! Beyond these amazing new skills, I have found fabulous new synchronicities occurring on an ever increasing basis, as if the Universe itself was lending a friendly hand in my wishes and desires. Worth the investment many times over!!!" P.K. Received August 28, 2002



REMEMBER -- Reed's CDs will work for you, period.  All you have to do is put on stereo headphones and listen -- that's it.

I will not accept ANY responsibility for damages you may cause with these techniques to yourself or others - YES THESE TECHNIQUES WORK BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CD OUT THERE, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT USES BRAIN-TALK™ TECHNOLOGY, which you will ONLY find on Reed's CDs and no where else!  Please review the terms and conditions below.


"The Most Powerful and Advanced Mind Development Products in the World"™


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