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Listen, if you have ever had a question about Hypnosis, NLP, Dual Binaural Beats, Brain Talk, Dream Technology, Audible Affirmation Technology, then you need to go to the source and ask the Master himself!  Yes, Reed and his staff answer questions and they post them on this page - be sure to return often and if you have a question - please ask it!  The link to ask via email is below ...

Frequently Asked Questions

and Answers


QUESTION received on: June 26, 2004:

I recently purchased the “Instant Millionaire Mind Dual Binaural Beats, Brain-Talk, NLP Hypnosis CD with Dream Technology.” I have bought a few hypno tapes before, ands they all have a “wake up” or “un-hypnosis” phase, to bring you out of the trance. But yours abruptly ends at 29.51 in mid-sentence with no “cool down” or anything, it just stops right in the middle of your words. Is it scratched or something? This just doesn’t seem right. Do all your CD’s end like this?

Please advise.


Thanks for your email. Yes, it is completely normal for our CDs to end abruptly. One of the reasons is so those who use it while they are going to sleep do now wake up after the CD is over. Also, an abrupt ending causes those who are listening during the day to receive an "unconscious trigger" that will let you know the CD has ended. So, don't worry, the CD is perfect.

Thanks again!


QUESTION received on: January 30, 2004:

"I do have a question. I have purchased several [hypnosis CDs] from you. None have instructions, except to listen with headphones. I know this could vary by individual, but do you have any pointers on how often to listen, what order to use cds in (which one first), etc. for best effect? Thanks"


"Thank you for your email.

Yes, you should listen to at least 1 CD a day up to 3 CDs per day. I would listen first to the CDs of the topics you desire most in your life. I would pick one and make sure I listen to that CD every single day (no matter what). Also, I would rotate the other CDs in a cycle. Simply pick the CDs in order of importance to you. Please note that you will see results as you focus and concentrate on a specific CD (topic). This tends to give the best results.

Please email me if you have any other questions!

Thanks again!"


QUESTION received on: April 12, 2004:

RE: The Psychic Seduction System

The CDs that I ordered from you contained did not contain any specific instructions.  What is the best way to use the 5 CDs?  Should I listen to all five every day for a month or should I listen to a different CD every month for 5 months?  Thank you for your help


Thanks for your email.

There are two different ways you can listen to this system. (1) You can listen to each CD in order and constantly rotate them, listening to a different CD each day.  OR (2) You can listen to CD #1 for a 30 day period and then listen to CD #2 for 30 days, etc.

Thanks again!



What is Audible Affirmation Technology™ or AAT™?


AAT uses "near subliminal" technology. This means that you will actually hear the "whisper" of commands and suggestions. Since they are at the threshold of your hearing ability, you have the added benefit of not only having the suggestions enter your subconscious mind, but also your conscious mind for a dual-effect.



By using your CD on psychic powers what will I achieve or be able to do?


Thank you for your email.

The proper question is - what WON'T you be able to do.

You can gain, increase and improve ANY psychic power with this CD.



Additional Questions and Answers will follow.  If you have a question about a CD of Reed's that you have ordered, please E-mail us by Clicking Here.  Thanks.

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