Want to have influence and control over other people almost overnight?

Amazing Secret Discovered Installs Your Brain With The Proper Beliefs, Attitudes, Skills & Abilities To Influence And Control Other People . . . Almost Overnight!

Dear Friend,

If you 've ever wanted to influence and control other people with exactness and never have the other person have any hint of what you are truly up to, then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here's what this is all about:  My name is Reed Bryon, and I used to 'hate' the fact that other people always got what they wanted.  For some reason, I would see total jerks get the right girl, or total losers get the right job and nice car . . . Doesn't it drive you nuts?!

Just like you, I got fed up!  I decided that I was going to figure this out and little did I know I would embark on a lifelong journey of mental developing and mind control abilities.  I spent the next several years of my life studying and learning all the different mind skills, abilities and tactics that one could use to acquire what they wanted in life and I came up empty handed.

I literally spent so much money I almost went broke . . . and you know, I knew that most of what I was taught was junk.  It didn't work.  Although some of the 'stuff' seemed good, I wanted more and I knew I could figure it out.



You name it, I studied it . . . and I even developed new mind-brain technologies that me and my inner circle members use on a daily basis to attract to us whatever it is that we want.

And you know what else . . . you can't even get what I have unless you are an inner circle member.

I've designed and developed the Psychic Influence & Control System (which has 25 titles).  25 titles means 25 NLP Hypnosis CDs, 25 AAT CDs, 25 Sleep Programming CDs, and 25 NLP Hypnosis DVDs.

You'll probably want to know that this "System" doesn't JUST use hypnosis and NLP, but it uses properitary technologies that will allow you to psychically influence and control other people effortlessly.

I know, you're asking HOW is this POSSIBLE?  Okay, look . . . this system is designed for you to listen to 1 CD or watch 1 DVD a day.  That's it.  If you use a CD player, you should listen with stereo headphones. That's it.

Why?  Well, because of the latest Mind-Brain Technologies that I was telling you about.  It uses:

* Hypnosis

* NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

* Dual-Binaural Beats

* Brain-Talk Technology

* Post-Hypnotic Commands

* Dream-Technology

You can learn more about these technologies on this website.  Just understand this.  True Psychic Influence and Control over others is real  . . . but I can't show just anyone.  This is exclusively for inner circle members and not just anyone can get it.  I've got to keep the lid on these CDs and DVDs or the technology will fall into the wrong hands.

Yes, it's that powerful. If you're an inner circle member, you'll be amazed at the new changes you will soon experience...

Interested in more?  If you are an inner circle member, you can email me with questions.  If you are not an inner circle member, you can apply for membership by emailing me.  If you qualify, you will be given a limited opportunity to become a member.  It's that simple.


Reed Byron
Master Hypnotist and Mind Technician

P.S. - Remember, you can't order this set or get any more information about it unless you are an inner circle member.  Email us for details.

1042 Fort Union Blvd., #338
Midvale, Utah  84047

Questions?  Send us an E-mail: support@hypno-success.com

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