Out Of Body Experience (O.B.E.)

Erickson Hypnosis Dual-Binaural Beats CD

You can now use the POWER of your mind to allow your spirit to leave your body!

You can go on a journey anywhere you want!

Use this new audio CD to journey to any part of this planet or any other planet as well!

  • This new audio will allow your spirit to journey virtually anywhere!

  • By being led into a hypnotic trance, you can visit ANY destination!

  • You will learn the skills to experience an Out of Body Experience on your very first try!

  • Imagine having the ability to visit friends and relatives at a higher spiritual plan and knowing what their conditions are like, even thousands of miles away!

  • This CD works and I will not be held responsible for any damage that is caused.  Please use it for good purposes only.

  • This is an audio CD that incorporates ERICKSON HYPNOSIS, NLP, &  UNIQUE DUAL BINAURAL BEATS that guides you through an experience, you will remember for the rest of your life!

  • This CD has been designed to challenge your old belief systems to program your subconscious mind with new beliefs that will allow you to have the ability to release your spirit to travel anywhere you want to go!

  • Due to the unique process, the suggestions will be placed into both your conscious and unconscious mind to allow you to be completely safe, completely aware and even give you the ability to remember everything that happens during the experience so you can record it afterwards in a journal or diary!

  • As you listen to this audio, the left and right side of your brain will synchronize with each other to improve your ability to accept and follow the suggestions that will be given.

  • The suggestions are given in a Erickson fashion, meaning that they are indirect.  WARNING: not everyone will respond favorably to indirect suggestions!  Do not buy this CD if you do not accept Erickson style suggestions!

  • When the two sides of your mind are synchronized with each other, your brain will begin to emit Endorphins and other natural stimulants that will benefit you in every area of your life!

  • Years of research have been used in designing and making this audio, so you can be assured that only the best is used here!

  • These techniques that will be placed into your mind will make having an out of body experience totally easy and completely natural for you almost instantly!

  • If you have tried systems that are supposedly proven to give you results but they haven't worked for you, you need this audio.  Because it will allow your mind to change so these systems can work for you!

  • Imagine having the confidence that you can control every aspect and part of your journey out of your body?!  Other similar tapes or CD's might take you on a trip, but this one is designed to let YOU be in TOTAL control of your journey... you can even go through time!!!

  • Imagine seeing the Creation of certain planets?  Going to the Moon or visiting some distant star... 

  • Are you ready for one of the most exciting and relaxing experiences of your life?

  • This track is approximately thirty minutes in length.

  • You must use this CD while meditating or relaxing.

  • Warning:  Never use this CD while driving or operating any type of machinery!  This CD will place you into a trance or altered state of awareness!

  • We only make the BEST CDs that develop your inner psychic powers to experience things others only wish they could!

  • You can use this audio to benefit you in many ways now...

    "The Most Powerful and Advanced Mind Development Products in the World"™


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