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About Reed:


Reed Byron is consider by many to be the "Master of Mind Control" and one of the Greatest Masters of the Mind.  His highly effective cutting edge mind technologies (like Brain-Talkô) have helped thousands of people focus and change their minds, permanently.  

In addition, his Mind Mastery System and The Complete Mind Control System have empowered thousands to achieve power over their own lives and influence others without saying a word.  His other programs have helps others to achieve changes of careers, financial success and emotional changes.  Reed literally enlightens people to reach whatever their goals are in the fastest way possible.  

He has been studying the sciences and technologies of the mind and brain since 1983.  At that time he learned about affirmations and then hypnosis.  After doing self-hypnosis and meditation for about a year, he decided to learn more.  He was happy with the progress and achievements he had obtained, however, he would later say, there was something more to do.

Reed began to study hypnosis and receive his certification in hypnosis and also went through practicioner's training in NLP.  Through his studies he began to learn more about binaural beats and dual binaural beats and thought about the importance of speeding up the process of change.  He then began to combine the mind sciences to get the permanent results he wanted in his life and in the lives of those he worked with.

Reed now practices hypnotherapy and continues to study and research the latest mind technologies known.  He also keeps the connection to the past alive by studying the ancient Chinese and other cultures.  He's been heard saying that the secrets of the mind were know well by most ancient culture and have been lost to many but remain hidden and closely guarded by the few who know them and use them every day.

Reed have also developed some of the best audio programs know by combining mind technologies but also creating Brain-Talkô which is a one of a kind dual induction using different ways of presenting suggestions to the subconscious.

Reed also makes custom audio programs for those who need individualized programs or simply want their name used in the system.  These custom programs are done under Reed's direction and his voice is used in the actual program.  Actual prices can be found on the custom audio page.  

Reed formed Hypno-Success with others who wanted to help learn and design the best mind development technologies, now.

Reed enjoys helping others and his true desire is to help others help themselves by using the full power of their mind.




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