Reed Byron is known as “The Mind Control Master” for many good reasons. He is consistently developing cutting-edge mind development products and charges a fortune for custom hypnotic NLP work. And now, you have the opportunity to use one of his "Classic" works!  It's true, by using this AMAZING Hypnosis NLP CD, you can be covered with a White Light of Protection and Meet Your Guardian Angel and Personal Spirit Guide . . . Read on . . .

Guardian Angel/White Light of Protection Erickson Hypnosis Dual-Binaural Beats NLP CD


Experience the power of Protection from Your PERSONAL Guardian Angel!

Your Angel will give you True White Light of Protection Now!

This unique CD has been tested and proven to give you an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL personal experience with YOUR ANGEL!

With this special designed CD, you can summon not just any Angel, but your own Personal Guardian Angel to Protect you at ANY time!  That's right, all you have to do is put on your stereo headphones and press play on your cassette or CD player and you will be transported to a unique, different, and higher plane where you will communicate easily and naturally with your personal Guardian Angel and receive Pure White Light to Aid and Assist you in whatever you desire!  You can do all of this with the mind-power that is inside of you right now.

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience when you plug yourself into this unique experience:

  • Your Personal Guardian Angel will come to visit you when you are placed into a deep hypnotic trance.

  • You will be placed into this trance by the use of Erickson Hypnosis which has been proven to bypass your conscious mind and implant suggestions into your Unconscious mind!

  • Dual-binaural Beats are also used to place both sides of your brain in sync with each other to promote a deeper state of trance than usual!

  • You will go deeper than ever before!

  • Once you have moved from this physical plane into a higher state, your angel will be summoned by your unconscious mind!  There really is not work to do except believe in the superb experience that will happen!

  • You will be able to visit with and see your Guardian Angel the very first time you listen to this CD!

  • Your Angel can help you to know things that you should do!  That's right, it can be very profitable for you to experience this Revolutionary and Magical process immediately!

Here are even more reasons you should purchase this CD now:

  • Each Rare Guardian Angel CD has the ability to help you transcend any problem you are facing now!

  • Think about how Successful and Secure you will feel when you are able to contact your Personal Guardian Angel!  You will be able to give and receive information that can benefit you in every imaginable way!

  • Your Guardian Angel can help you obtain Wealth, Success, Luck, Magic, Healing, Peace, or ANYTHING!!!  Why?  Because your Personal Angel exists to help YOU and only YOU! 

  • When you use this audio your mind will be elevated to a higher plane to communicate with your angel!  Relax, because the  CD does Everything for you.  All you have to do is lie down, put on your stereo headphones, close your eyes, and press play!  The audio does the rest!

  • Your Angel Exists to help you Empower yourself!

  • There is Absolutely No Concentration Required, just relax!

  • Angels Can Do Anything YOU want!

  • Just Ask for Your Wish, Need or Healing & They Must Do Your Bidding!

  • WARNING:  You must use this CD for good purposes only or it will come back to you threefold.

  • You can use this fascinating audio anytime you want to (Except it can not be used while driving, operating any type of machinery, or any activity that requires your attention).

  • This CD is approximately 30 Minutes long, just use it once and you'll understand WHY this is one of the BEST audios to own!

  • Nothing will compare to the experience you are about to have!

  • This audio is not available anywhere but here!

  • Brings God's Wisdom, Truth, Trust, Inner Guidance! 

  • Power, Invisibility, Invincibility! 

  • Your Angel Can Bring You: Courage, Bravery, Passion, Love, & Life Energy!

Some people can imagine what it would be like to have their own Guardian Angel with them right now!  Having that feeling is amazing, you know.  Other people wonder how would it be to protected by Pure White Light!  You don't have to wonder anymore!  Think about how good it will be!  You can have the ability to communicate with your Guardian Angel NOW!  It can be a simple, even, natural part of YOUR daily life.

You are purchasing an audio CD that incorporates NLP, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES, DUAL BINAURAL BEATS & ERICKSON HYPNOSIS to place you into a trance!  Take charge of your life and your future now!  

Please Note:  When using this CD, it is vital that you have a positive mental attitude and believe that your mind and body can do things you can not even imagine!  You must do your part!  I express no claim of any kind and I will not be held responsible for any damage that is caused.

Stereo Headphones are required to use this Audio .  Also, if you are subject to epilepsy, using a pacemaker, suffering heart disorder, currently taking stimulant, tranquilizers, alcohol, drugs, or have seizures; this CD is NOT for you!


“Guardian Angel / Light of Protection Dual Binaural Beats NLP Erickson Hypnosis CD”

"The Most Powerful and Advanced Mind Development Products in the World"™


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