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Article Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2004:

Hypnotherapy, Change, and Dual Binaural Beats

By: Reed Byron

I recently read an article in the Coolidge News internet website from the Casa Grande Valley Newspaper that was titled "Overcoming habits with hypnosis" by the Editor, Doreen Obermeyer.  The article was dated March 31, 2004.  She made some interesting observations about Hypnosis that I wanted to comment on.  First she properly stated that a hypnotherapist can help people quit smoking, lose weight and handle stress more effectively.  Perhaps most importantly about her article, she noted that people do not do anything that they do not want to do. 

      The same is true for the programs that I produce.  Although many people now understand that they are in total control and that although while listening to one of my hypnosis, NLP programs, they will make changes in their lives because the audio will "program their minds" - at the same time - my programs cannot make someone do something that they do not want to do.  I can personally, or via audio recording, command a person to change the way they think, act, speak, and behave; however, if you the listener don't want to do it - you simply won't do it.

      The fact is - you have to desire change.  You must want to make the change and then you need to exercise your belief that you can change - by listening to the audio and then you will see some results.  Remember - when listening to my programs, most of them require no conscious effort on the listener's part.  They only require that you put on stereo headphones and listen.

 Why stereo headphones?

      Good question.  Unlike the hypnotherapist that Obermeyer talks about in her article, I use more than just hypnotic techniques to aid someone in their quest for change.  I use the latest in mind-body technology and even some ancient secrets that were lost and have recently been re-discovered.  One of these new technologies are "dual binaural beats" or "DBB" for short.

      Dual Binaural Beats come from using two binaural beat generators running at the same time. They occur when each of your ears receives two tones, so you hear chords or a beat interaction in each ear, plus the four different binaural beat offsets (each of the two left ear tones against each of the right ear tones). This may seem complex and confusing, but it creates a specific sequence of sounds that allow your brain waves to synchronize with generated tones. 

 Why does it matter that you use these beats to synchronize to brain waves?

      Remember, brain waves are the voltage patterns generated by the brain. The brain contains some 100 billion neurons which operate by generating and passing electrical signals. The summation of all this electrical activity results in signals that can be detected and recorded outside the brain.  Now, the recording of the brains activity is called an electroencephalogram (EEG).  Brain waves appear as irregular, somewhat repetitive waveforms, and are a mixture of many frequencies from less than 1 to more than 40 Hertz. Different brain wave patterns have been found to be associated with different states of awareness. Several frequency ranges have been identified and given names by neurologists - you've probably heard of the "alpha" state or other brain states.  Here are the Human Brain Wave States"

Name             Frequency Range                  Subjective Experience

delta                0.5-3                                        Sleep

theta                 3-7                                           Imagery, suggestibility

alpha               7-13                                         Relaxed awareness

low beta             13-18                                       Alert awareness

SMR                12-15                                       Sensory-motor rhythm

high beta             18-30                                       Super alert, tense

gamma             30 and up                                hyper alert, possible creativity

      Now, because the tones you will hear will be processed separately by the auditory apparatus in your brain, your brain will "follow" the tones it hears and once your brain waves align with the dual binaural beat frequencies - then your brain will be in a relaxed awareness state or "theta to alpha" where you can learn faster, remember more and where the ultimate change occurs at the unconscious or subconscious level.

Yes, I hear you - this all sounds very complex.  Well, it can be to some extent, but what you really need to know and understand is that I use DBB in ALL of the latest programs that I develop.  This is an awesome technology that aids in your learning, creativity and personal creation processes that you will not want to miss out on.   Most hypnotherapists are good people that help people - I want to help people as well; this is why I use every single technology that works and I incorporate them into my audio programs.  Many users report amazing results that they achieve by using my programs.  I invite you to learn more about my programs by visiting my website at http://www.hypno-success.com where you will learn about the other cutting edge technologies that I personally use and develop to make change in your life occur rapidly, at several levels of your life and make them last permanently.  Enjoy your journey to becoming your destiny!

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