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Have you ever wanted to have the POWER to Protect yourself from Psychic Attacks?  Do you want to be able to get even with someone else by psychically attacking them?  Do you want to know the SECRET POWERS that other people use EVERY DAY to influence others for GOOD or for EVIL?  Are you REALLY READY to DISCOVER what most people NEVER know about Psychic Attacks?  If you are then you've come to the correct website.  Don't wait ANY LONGER to LEARN these SECRETS, read on for exact details . . .

Learn and Master the Real Psychic Attack Secrets Now!

This is Confidential Information that was taken from The Master of Mind Control, Reed Byron's Inner-Circle Members that contains mind blowing techniques and powerful psychic secrets that are ONLY for those within his Elite Secret Organization...  

Dear Friend,

Are you ready to learn how to psychically attack another person?  There is a special system that has been created over the last year by a Master of Mind Control.  This Master has studied with the Ancient Chinese Monks and discover new techniques that can either DESTROY another person or STRENGTHEN them to perform incredibly...

This Master has decided for the first time to teach YOU not only how to protect yourselves against psychic attacks, but also how to perform them...

Imagine there is a way to that you can learn quickly and literally master the Hidden Secrets of Psychic Attack?  Imagine you can put this system into action within a few hours of listening to it?

Stop imagining because this system exists now.  Recorded and Master in 2003, the brand new, Psychic Attack System is what you need to listen to and study immediately. In it is explained exactly what YOU need to do to create a "Shield of Protection" from ALL Psychic Attacks from any enemies out there -- this Shield will even protect you from those who are learning this system...  you will also learn how to Perfectly Perform a Psychic Attack!  Yes, the Master of Mind Control will Specifically teach YOU how to perform an actual Psychic Attack.  You will be lead through exercises that teach you the secret and covert power of Psychic Attacks on others. These secret techniques you will learn will allow you to have REAL POWER over your life.  Forget about all the 'secrets' people want to sell you and begin protecting yourself and psychically attacking others with what works starting right now.

Here's some of what you'll learn in the Psychic Attack System....

  • The Simple System To Perform a Psychic Attack on Another Today!
  • Protect Or Attack Someone In The Same Room Or At ANY Distance!
  • Learn To Develop The Powers Of Your Own Mind!
  • Specifically How To Defend Yourself From ANY Psychic Attacks!
  • Harness and Master Your Psychic Power To Attack Another Now!
  • Use That SAME PSYCHIC POWER To DEFEND Yourself Now!
  • Discover The Only True Psychic Mind Power That Works!
  • The Easiest And Fastest Way To Focus Your Mind For FAST Psychic Attacks!
  • How To Take Easy Advantage Of Other People Without Them Knowing!
  • How To Tap The Potential Of Your Unconscious Mind For Psychic Strength!
  • Learn To Project Your Thoughts So Powerfully that What YOU Think Actually HAPPENS in Another's Life (GOOD or BAD) !  
  • Discover Things About Yourself That You Never Knew!
  • You Will Learn That What You THINK Will Actually Happen...
  • Complete Audio Instructions Ready For You To Begin Using It Immediately!
  • And, Of Course, You Will Never Have to Speak a Word Out Loud!

As you listen and study The Psychic Attack System you will understand how the Masters of the mind can create entirely new events almost overnight and take control over them almost immediately.

LOOK - Perhaps most importantly, you really shouldn't use the techniques taught to cause harm on another.  Just because you WILL learn HOW to do it, does not mean you should inflict injuries on people for fun.  If revenge is your aim, this will work for you - but be aware -- Whatever you send out in this universe will come back to you.  I warn you to only use these powers for good, otherwise it might just come back.  

With that said, know that NOTHING is held back from you.  You will learn how to harm others if that is you goal.  No joke - you can use just ONE technique on an enemy and tomorrow, you will SEE tragedies befall them!  They can lose their job, lose their spouse, get a flat tire... you name it - it's possible now!  You will also learn how to protect yourself from anyone who learns even one of these techniques.  Not only that - but these new powers that you will soon possess are so incredibly powerful that as soon as you begin using this system, you will most likely be amazed at what you can do!

This is a 4 CD system and is not available on audio tape.  These include one (1) Positive Psychic Attack Dual Binaural Beats NLP Hypnosis CD.  One (1) Negative Psychic Attack Dual Binaural Beats NLP Hypnosis CD.  One (1) Psychic Protection Dual Binaural Beats NLP Hypnosis CD.  These three CDs were recorded with Brain-Talk™Technology that was specifically created to allow the suggestions and commands to be permanently planted inside your mind.  You also get one (1) Lecture - Instruction CD on Psychic Defense and Psychic Attack.  This will explain and teach how to develop this power from inside your mind.  All material is copyrighted for your protection. Honestly, this is the ONLY complete system on Psychic Attack you will find!

Imagine having complete control over your life, no longer worried about what others can do it you?  Imagine being able to "get back" at anyone, at anytime, anywhere!  It's true, you can strengthen or weaken ANYONE whenever you want...!  Imagine all the possibilities that exist with this new psychic power that you will develop and use now!  You can literally attack others without them knowing it!  If you think that is fantasy you will be surprised when you learn how well you are able to protect yourself as well! There are real people that have done this. It's not a fantasy. It is very real and people who understand the simple concepts are doing it all around you right now.



This system requires work.  You have to do the exercises and use the system for it to work, if you do your part, it will work for you.  You have to be willing to dedicate at least a half hour a day for the next few weeks to develop this awesome psychic power. 

Just one of these CDs in this system has sold privately for over $100.00!  For just one CD!  This is the Complete System and includes ALL four CDs and still sells for less than the cost of two CDs!  

By now you have realized that you must get this system, before your enemy does.  So, go ahead and order today and see for yourself how easy it can be to Psychically Attack another. You won't get bogged down in JUNK with filler information. There is no filler in this system. You'll understand the concept within an hour and will be able to get started the same day you receive The Psychic Attack System.

This system is not sold in stores and unless you are a member of the Master's Elite Inner-Circle, you'll never be able to get a copy!  You will love and enjoy what you will soon discover...

Shipping and Handling is $7.50 first class and you will receive your system in approximately 5-7 days from when you place your order in the United States.  If you are ordering outside of the United States, Shipping and Handling is $12.50 air mail.


If you order this System NOW over the internet we will include with this system an explanation of the "Psychic Passion Touch!" The Psychic Passion Touch is a Special Technique that will allow you to increase the passion in your life by simply touching someone you want to be closer to.  WARNING:  This technique is VERY POWERFUL and will make the person being touched feel warm and attracted to you almost instantly!  So, please use it carefully.  This technique is NOT available anywhere else or with any other system.  If you want to learn it, this is the ONLY place to get it now and BEST OF ALL - It's FREE with this system now.


YES THESE TECHNIQUES WORK BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CD OUT THERE, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT USES BRAIN-TALK™ TECHNOLOGY, which you will ONLY find on Reed's CDs and no where else!  Please review the terms and conditions below.

"The Most Powerful and Advanced Mind Development Products in the World"™

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