How would you like to Relax Completely and Go To Sleep For Awhile Longer... now....

You can now get the rest you deserve!  This brand new audio CD is designed to totally relax you and allow you to sleep!

Can you imagine having the 8 hours of rest you need in about 30 minutes?!  Believe it or not, some people actually can use this CD to feel totally rested and get caught up on the sleep they've been missing!

You can get all the rest and relaxation you want and need by simply listening to this audio CD that has been specifically designed to give you the relief you want and need!  Do you remember what it feels like to wake up after a good LONG sleep?  Feels great, doesn't it?!  If you want to feel that way every day, simply plug in and by going deep inside, you'll relax like never before!

Just think about how good it will be to finally have that deep sleep!  This works against insomnia, so if you suffer, this could be your cure!  Your mind has the ability to take control of your body and give you the rest you need, and it can do it now...

Make the decision to include this in every part of your day, now.

By listening to this audio CD, you will find your ability to relax and sleep increase easily and naturally!  This CD is NOT designed to take the place of a doctor or any type of medication, however we believe it will help you to go into trance and go into a deep relaxing state of mind, even sleep.

On this cassette, you will hear suggestions and Dual Binaural Beats which will synchronize your brain and place you into a trance.  Using Erickson Hypnosis and suggestions that you can hear!!  There are NO subliminal messages on this CD.  If you want to get some good deep relaxation, rest, and sleep, then this CD is for you.

You are purchasing one audio CD that incorporates NLP, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES, DUAL BINAURAL BEATS & ERICKSON HYPNOSIS to place you into a trance!  By going into trance on a daily basis, you have the opportunity to reprogram your mind to improve your ability to sleep and relax.  Your body and mind does respond to your thoughts and the suggestions on this CD.  You must use this CD for approximately 30 minutes each day to notice results!  As you do, you will notice your ability to relax, sleep, and rejuvenate increase in your life.

Please Note:  When using this CD, it is vital that you have a positive mental attitude and believe that your mind and body can do things you can not even imagine!  You must do your part!  I express no claim of any kind and I will not be held responsible for any problems caused.

Stereo Headphones are required to use this Audio CD.  Also, if you are subject to epilepsy, using a pacemaker, suffering heart disorder, currently taking stimulant, tranquilizers, alcohol, drugs, or have seizures; this CD is NOT for you! If you use any of the above mentioned substances, you must not use them within 24 hours of listening to this CD.

"The Most Powerful and Advanced Mind Development Products in the World"™


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