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Achieve Your Potential Now NLP Hypnosis Audio

Achieve your potential; raise your sights, explore new possibilities and push back your limitations

A hypnosis audio to help you relax about trying new things

In society today, there is pressure to achieve your potential, and an expectation that you actually have the potential to excel in something, anything.  Failure, or even mediocrity, is not a option if you want to 'live the dream' and be successful.  Not living up to your potential goes with many negative, unhelpful feelings - disappointment, fear, guilt or frustration to name a few.

All these negative emotions and fear makes it less likely that you'll achieve what you want to, trapping you and sapping your energy.  Somehow, you have to break out of this trap and make your own way in the world, with energy and enthusiasm, and a healthy disregard for risk and negative self-talk.

Learn to jump in feet first

How do you jump into water?  Do you dive straight in or take a more cautious approach, maybe even...

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Alpha Male Gaze

This Audio will turn you into an "Alpha Male" seducer, capable of literally controlling the minds of ANY woman -- and the best part is -- she'll enjoy every second you look at her ... read on about the Secret CHANGE that is about to take place in your life...

Alpha Male Gaze Psychic Seduction Audio™

"The Only True Way to LOOK at a Woman and Capture Her Heart and Mind and then Influence her with your Personal Psychic Seduction"™

You are purchasing access to an NLP, Dual Binaural Beats, Brain-Talk, Hypnosis Audio with Dream Technology that is the Only one USED by the MASTERS of Seduction.  It is not experimental, but is based on proven mind science that will allow your mind to focus and concentrate to "speed up your seduction skills".

This Audio is one of the *Latest* development in Psychic Seduction from Master Reed. When you use this audio, it will CHANGE the way you THINK and ACT around women! Specifically, this audio will Train you to UNCONSCIOUSLY use an...

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Instant Clairvoyance System


The Complete


Training System on 3 audios

utilizing the power of:

  1. Dual Binaural Beats
  2. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  3.  Brain-Talk™ Technology
  4. Guided Imagery
  5. Direct and Covert Hypnosis
  6. Dream Technology™
  7. Teaching Lectures
  8. Reading Transcripts; and
  9.  Practical Exercises combined with subconscious programming.


Have you ever wanted to learn and acquire the skills of Clairvoyance? 

Clairvoyance has been defined as the power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the natural or physical senses. It is Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness that allows the possessor to actually SEE things before they happen, OR, FEEL or actually SENSE things prior to their occurrence! WOW! Imagine how using clairvoyance in your own PERSONAL or BUSINESS life can give you an added UNSEEN advantage . . .

This subset of ESP will give you the literal ability to SEE distant scenes not apparent to the physical eye. With practice you...

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Your First 100 Million Dollars

I told him not to do it.

It's too powerful.

They won't believe it's possible, and if they do, they'll change the world.

"Let them use it to their benefit" he said.

I still don't think you should ever release this to the general public.



Do you think they'll believe enough to actually USE them?

If they do, imagine what will happen!

I know.

I guess the real question is...

Can You Imagine Having 100 MILLION DOLLARS Now?

If you can, then Reed made the right choice.

Against my advice, Reed Byron has released a new NLP Hypnosis Audio, AAT Audio, and Sleep Programming Audio called

"Your First 100 Million Dollars"

Shhhhh, Don't tell anyone, but . . .

It was originally for Platinum members of his Inner-Circle.

This is the first set of "Platinum" Audios he has ever released . . . and I think it might be his last because all the Platinum Members are giving him pressure to keep these discs secure and safe from everyone else out there. You see . . .

You can't get these Audios...

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Hypnosis Club

Are you ready to conquer your subconscious mind?


Do you want to unlock your inner potential?

How about eliminate bad habits, with no effort and no self-control?

Do you dream of mastering influence to help others through the powers of hypnosis and NLP?


Many people first hear about NLP or hypnosis and think that they have discovered some sort of strange and mysterious art. A mystical power that only a few members of society can control.

But those people would be mistaken…

Because anyone can learn these techniques and they are even MORE POWERFUL than magic, as they are rooted in fundamental neuropsychology - which can help you talk directly to the subconscious mind, to give you the edge over any interaction.

Fortunately, with the right approach, mastering the skills needed to create life change through hypnosis and NLP doesn’t need to be difficult. It can come quickly, smoothly and simply.


However, most people that try to use NLP or hypnotism…...

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*Disclaimer - Although these products have worked for others, there is no guarantee that they will work for you.  Individual results will vary.

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If you need to contact us for any reason, please email us at support @  or you can send us mail to

1042 East Fort Union Blvd.


Midvale, Utah 84088


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Complete Seduction System


Have you ever wanted to have TOTAL MIND CONTROL POWERS over Women?  Have you been in a situation where you ALMOST were able to seduce a beautiful gal, but she turned you down for NO good reason?  Would you like to create more intimacy in your current relationship or CREATE an intimate relationship with the PERSON YOU desire?  If you do, then you've arrived at the perfect page to learn how all that and MORE is yours for the taking, read on . . .




using the same tools, strategies, and non-verbal techniques of high powered politicians, superstar sales people, and other professional persuaders.  NOW you can use these top secret techniques quickly & easily with this COMPLETE SET of special Audios.  This is what we call: "THE ULTIMATE MIND SEDUCTION COURSE™" a/k/a The Mental Psychic Seduction System™



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The Complete Mind Control System



Learn the Secrets of Ancient Chinese Monks to Control Others Thoughts...


Dear Friend,

Are you ready to learn how to control others minds?  A simple system that has been used over the last 18 years by several members of a secret association?

A system that can literally be put into action within a few hours of listening to it?

If your answer is yes, then The Complete Mind Control System is what you need to listen to and study immediately. In it is explained exactly what YOU need to do to create the secret and covert mind control power over others. It will allow you to forget about all the 'secrets' people want to sell you and begin controlling others thoughts with what works starting today.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this complete system....

  • The Simple System To Gain Total Control Over Another's Thoughts!
  • This System Works In The Same Room Or At ANY Distance!
  • Learn To Develop The Powers Of Your Own Mind!
  • How To Get ...
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You Can’t Buy this Kind of Endorsement,

 You Have To Earn It.


Testimonial received in May 2006:

"I have purchased a couple of your cd's and I found them to be terrific.The cd's that you produce take me into a much deeper state of trance then any other hypnosis cd's I have ever purchased.In fact I will only purchase hypnosis tapes from you,from now on.Mainly because other hypnosis tapes are plain garbage when compared to yours.There is no comparison actually because I never was able to go into such a deep state of trance until I listened to your fantastic cd's.Keep up the terrific work,as I really appreciate the work that you are producing,it is simply fantastic.You are a true artist!!"


Testimonial received on October 25, 2005


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