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The Complete


Training System on 3 audios

utilizing the power of:

  1. Dual Binaural Beats
  2. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  3.  Brain-Talk™ Technology
  4. Guided Imagery
  5. Direct and Covert Hypnosis
  6. Dream Technology™
  7. Teaching Lectures
  8. Reading Transcripts; and
  9.  Practical Exercises combined with subconscious programming.


Have you ever wanted to learn and acquire the skills of Clairvoyance? 

Clairvoyance has been defined as the power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the natural or physical senses. It is Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness that allows the possessor to actually SEE things before they happen, OR, FEEL or actually SENSE things prior to their occurrence! WOW! Imagine how using clairvoyance in your own PERSONAL or BUSINESS life can give you an added UNSEEN advantage . . .

This subset of ESP will give you the literal ability to SEE distant scenes not apparent to the physical eye. With practice you can either replace your normal "visualization" skills with specific abilities that will allow you to "foresee" or have actual "visions" of what is to come. Imagine that! Now, imagine that you can incorporate this internally, in the form of mental imagery and intuition. How will this help you?

Let me tell you that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of benefits that will come to you from having the ability to SEE or SENSE future events. If, for example, you SAW a car accident before it occurred, you could actually CHANGE THE FUTURE! You could PREVENT that accident.

What else can you do?

Perhaps make better business decisions or change actions with your children, friends, associates, or spouse?

Honestly, the potential is ENDLESS, but one this is for certain and that is this:

YOU can experience the power of CLAIRVOYANCE in your life NOW!

HOW? By learning from Master Reed, of course!

You will learn exact exercises you can do to gain this skill and ability. You will learn how to cultivate this power, how to use it, grow it until you are able to literally "do it on the fly."

This is no joke - you can honestly use your own clairvoyant power while you are speaking with another person. You can even look into their future and see what is lying ahead!

Now that will change things for you, won't it.

This is his brand new and COMPLETE system for Clairvoyance.

Here is what you get:

This unique Audio includes an actual lecture by Reed explaining how you can gain the skill and draw out your own inner propensity and power to SEE into the past and future! He explains specific exercises. First, how to start developing the skill of "seeing" and also how to develop your clairvoyant ability to "see" into the future at ANY moment and at ANY time. He also will explain how you WILL have spontaneous SIGHT into current events. This Audio alone is worth twice the retail price of the entire system. You will see that his system is tested and proven to give you AMAZING and EXCITING personal clairvoyant experiences! All you have to do is practice the exercises! If you have the desire, Reed will give you the drills to improve your skills.

With this specially designed Audio, you can summon you own person power from INSIDE YOUR inner mind and draw out your psychic clairvoyant powers. This is not just any ordinary hypnosis Audio. As you know by now, Reed's Audios are ANYTHING but ordinary! This is a hypnosis Audio with dual binaural beats, NLP, Brain-talk and Dream technology. Using the familiar relaxing ocean waves, Reed instills into your subconscious the covert commands that will make you "see into the future" with clarity and certainty. You will gain this power by simply plugging into this awesome Audio.

This is one of Reed's NEWEST technologies at work: Audible Affirmation Technology (AAT). Designed to work wherever and whenever you get a chance. Just "semi-subliminal" commands with ocean waves that mask the suggestions. Please listen to this Audio whenever you want! Truly increase your powers while typing on a computer, reading a book, or doing yard work! It's all up to you to simply push play. This Audio is especially handy if you just don't have that 1/2 hour to plug into the hypnosis Audio.

Please Note:  When using these Audios, it is vital that you have a positive mental attitude and believe that your mind and body can do things you can not even imagine!  You must do your part!  If you don't do the exercises, you won't get the abilities.

Stereo Headphones are required to use Audio TWO.  Also, if you are subject to epilepsy, using a pacemaker, suffering heart disorder, currently taking stimulant, tranquilizers, alcohol, drugs, or have seizures; Audio TWO is NOT for you!

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Please view the TERMS & CONDITIONS:

Because of the FDA and other governmental regulations, I can not and will not guarantee ANYTHING regarding these Audios!  Individual Results Vary and there is no promise.  There is no guarantee.  Making money is risky and you can lose money.  This is an online audio program that you need internet access to listen to.  You need stereo headphones to listen to this program.  If you don't listen, nothing will happen.  If you do listen, something may happen.  You still need to take action in the real world for results to occur. There is NO promise or guarantee that it will work for you. There is no promise that you will make any additional income by listening to these Audios.  No refunds on any payments .  No exceptions.

These Audios are copyrighted 2018.  All rights reserved. 


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