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You Can’t Buy this Kind of Endorsement,

 You Have To Earn It.


Testimonial received in May 2006:

"I have purchased a couple of your cd's and I found them to be terrific.The cd's that you produce take me into a much deeper state of trance then any other hypnosis cd's I have ever purchased.In fact I will only purchase hypnosis tapes from you,from now on.Mainly because other hypnosis tapes are plain garbage when compared to yours.There is no comparison actually because I never was able to go into such a deep state of trance until I listened to your fantastic cd's.Keep up the terrific work,as I really appreciate the work that you are producing,it is simply fantastic.You are a true artist!!"


Testimonial received on October 25, 2005

"Dear Mr. Byron,

This is a short testimonial to the effectiveness of your cds.

About 7 months ago I started playing
The Alpha Male 1 cd alpha gaze.
I got very unusual feedback on this one. Women started acted submissive to me in small ways after a couple of weeks of playing the cd. Males started acting in beta roles to my alpha.

Then I played the pheromone flirt, ladies man, cds. Women started flirting with me, wanting to touch me, etc.

But the best cd of all for me is the Attract Beautiful Women Cd. I played it twice a day for about a month ( i still play it once a day to lock in the effects). I have had women flirt with me in ways that were bold, sexy and aggressive. I have had married women hand me their phone numbers and tell me to call them when their hubby isnt around. I now have 2 women who are seriously interested in me. I'm dating one and thinking about seeing the other as there is no commitment yet.

Pretty fantastic results considering, Im middle aged, overweight and have an average income!!!
I recommend all of your relationship and seduction cds to my friends , even to guys who are using nlp and other seduction systems. It makes those systems work faster, better. Its cool to have females do walkups on me!!!!
Thank You Reed Byron."


Testimonial received on August 10, 2005

"a woman smiled at me and - get this - whistled -as I walked by yesterday. My legs do look great.

Didn't have a chance for the [Alpha Male] gaze, which I can attest does work."


Testimonial received on August 9, 2005

"Over the past months, I have purchased several of your hypnotic cds . . . and I have noted many dramatic, positive changes: in my attitude toward others, in my attitude toward myself and in my attitude toward life and the world in general.  I am pleasantly surprised with how rapidly I am gaining muscle after using the 'bodybuilding' cd and I am no less pleasantly surprised to report that the 'alpha male' gaze really does work."


Testimonial received on August 3, 2005

"you may be pleased to know....your bodybuilding cd is nothing less than incredible. I have recently set a leg press record . . . and I feel great. I do attribute at least some of my success in this endeavor to your cd. Between this and the penis enlargement cd you are making me into a monster....albeit in a very, very good way!"


Testimonial received on July 24, 2005

Regarding the Erickson Hypnosis Perfect Sleep Relax NLP Hypnosis CD

"I have really enjoyed this CD it has been very effective in helping me relax and get to sleep after a stress filled night at work. hard enough when you work night shifts."


Testimonial received on: May 11, 2005

Hello, Reed!

It's been awhile since I written you with any updates on the cd's I have. Things are going well....your cd's work wonderfully.

I also wanted to let you know that your cd's have enhanced my psychic abilities. What I mean is.....I am becoming more and more psychic. It's to the point where I am freaking my friends out. For an example; a friend of mine developed a swollen foot for no apparent reason. This friend of mine is a physical medium, which means that if anyone or anything were to attack her psychically, she will feel it physically. Anyways....she called me about the problem with her foot and she explained how the doctors weren't able to find the solution to her problem. No one had any clue on what the problem was. The did all kinds of tests, sent her to specialists and still till the day, no one knows the problem. Well...the first day she called an told me about her problem, I said "I get this feeling that you are being attacked". She immediately said that there's no way that would happen. I continue to tell her what I thought the problem is, she blew it off. Her foot has been swollen since February and still no cure to the problem. Until.....her last visit with a speciallist. The doctor had no clue, shrugged it off as poor circulation and sent her home. She then realize that I was right. She figured it out that she was being attacked after all.

Another incident is when I would pick up my phone to dial someone and as soon as they pick up, they tell me that they were thinking about calling me or stopping by my house to see me. Another incident is when I was at my sisters house, before I arrived, she misplaced the remote control. When I walked in, she look very flustered so I asked what was wrong and she explained that she lost the remote control. While she was looking, I sat at the kitchen table, looked at her and said that it's wrap up in the blanket. She looked at me and said how would you know that? Besides, I just checked the blanket and it's not there. I told her look again, because it's there. So..she argued with me and while she was arguing, she went over to pick up the blanket, and the remote control fell out. She gave me the weirdest look.

Is this normal for your cd's? even the ones that don't deal with psychic? Perhaps I was always a psychic and the cd's help enhance it????



Testimonial received on: March 7, 2005

Good Friday Morning Reed,

First, I want to quickly tell you what I've experienced after ordering your "Excellence & Success in Real Estate Investing Now NLP Hypnosis CD."

 I just ordered the CD 3 months ago. WOW! WOW! WOW! In just 3 months, my net worth has exploded and sky-rocketed more than $400,000 !!!

All I can say is.......this has happened since I started listening to your Real Estate CD. Too Coincidental !!!!!

Thanks a "Million!" (Literally!!!)


Testimonial received on: March 3, 2004

"I just ordered your two latest offerings. I am really glad to have so much quality product coming out each month. You are making a tremendous difference in my ability to manifest my dreams. I am very excited about it and believe your CDs played a role in this coming to pass. I also am taking delivery of a new BMW X3 next week. I am still in the middle of a divorce, but have been enjoying the company of several beautiful ladies the past 6 months, which takes a lot of the divorce related stress away. You may feel free to use this as a testimonial.  Thanks again."
- D.A.


Testimonial received on: February 3, 2004:

"Love your cd's! Have three now. While it is too soon to say I am experiencing what I was targeting, I will say they are all very relaxing and a wonderful experience. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to stay awake, but what amazes me each time is, I always find myself waking up and aware again, just when it says I will be. Blows my mind every time! Whether I choose to then roll over and snooze or get up and get on with my day, I always feel good, balanced and calm after listening. Thanks!"


Testimonial received on: December 29, 2003 regarding the Instant Millionaire CD:

"I received the NEW INSTANT MILLIONAIRE CD today...

IMMEDIATELY!!! Your products keep getting better
and better all the time!!!

HAPPY 2004!!!!!



Testimonial received on: October 27, 2003

My name is Eric, and I have recently purchased several of your systems, after friend made the recommendation. I am so glad that I trusted my friends judgment, and came to you guys! I am a freshmen in college, and actually, I'd been out of school for a couple of years already, and I was worried that I'd have trouble working full time while still keeping up with my studies. Well, when I said this to my best friend, the first place she directed me to was this web site! I was skeptical at first, but I decided to try your method out anyway. I got both the "accelerated learning/instant genius" CD and another of your products that I wanted in order to make the most out of my experience, "Crystal Clear Visualization", which actually programs you into being able to mentally recreate everything you experience (like having a photographic memory, only it effects ALL of your senses!)
Anyway, to make a long story short, I followed my instructions and listened to each at least once a day. My first set of finals was this past week, and I just got my grades back, and I ACED EVERYTHING! Not just A's, but we are talking 98's and 100's! I owe it all to you! I have already purchased several more of your systems, and I now have confidence that my life will forever be changed for the better thanks you! You can quote me on this, in fact, please do! I want everyone else out there to know how QUICKLY these programs work, and just how powerful they really are! Thanks again, for everything!
- Eric R."


Here is ANOTHER testimonial about the 5 CD PSYCHIC SEDUCTION SYSTEM -- I love this one, read it:

Received: September 27, 2003

"Hi Reed,

I just wanted to send you a quick email about the success I had with the Advanced Psychic Seduction CD in your seduction course. This last weekend from September 19,20,21 I went camping, there were about 50 adults there. I had been going there for about three years and had become freinds with most of the people that go frequently. I had been listening to the Psychic Seduction course for a couple of weeks every night, The night before I left I put in the Advanced Psychic Seduction Cd before going to bed. When I got there I set up camp and settled in, I had not even thought about the cd since I was busy hiking and waiting for more friends to show up. Well that first night I sat next to this girl who I had never met before, well after a few drinks and some talking We were making out and later she went back to my tent with me! The secong ni ght I ended up making out with some other girl among some other things (smile) who was married!!! I was AMAZED!!! I could not belive it! Since I had beed going there I had never hooked up with anyone and the thing that shocked me is that I had never met these women before!

Thanks Reed!

My Highest Regards!



Received: September 18, 2003

"I just want to let you know that your mind control Cd's as well as your other cd's are ABSOLUTLY INCREDIBLE!!! They are unlike anything I have ever experienced, I have a brainwave entrainment machine that I had bought years ago and these Cd's blow it away! The brain machine just does not even come close to the quality of your work. I do not even go to sleep without using one of the cd's. The best part is I am getting FANTASIC results just after a week of using them. It seems like having Jedi mind powers like in the movie Star Wars....Bottom Line....This is very Advanced Cutting Edge Technology!! I first started notic ing small things like going out to eat a certain resturaunt, I would just think about a certain place and someone would mention the exact place! I am getting results like this constantly but with way more important things that are going on in my life. I will be buying your entire collection of cd's as fast as I can just in case there could be government regulations or other restrictions in the near future with this kind of power!

My Highest Regards,

Dan S."


Received: August 28, 2002

"J., I have just run through your 4 CD "Mental Psychic Seduction System" and I just wanted to say that your expert use of Dual Binaural Beat Technology, much like Shamanic drumming, makes them the most powerful recorded hypnotic inductions I have ever experienced, more powerful than either 'Major Mark' Cunningham's "Hypnotic Awakenings" or even Dr. Richard Bandler's "Personal Enhancement Series". What is truly fascinating to me, though, was the immediately noticeable effects of the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" on my everyday encounters with other people. As far as I could tell, I was behaving just the same as I was before the inductions and yet, everyone I met after running through the System, especially women, reacted differently to me, in a much more relaxed, open and friendly way. At first, I assumed that the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" had simply enhanced my rapport skills at an unconscious level, which would be worth the price of the System alone. In fact, I found that when I deliberately set out to assertively lead rather than pace, I found that women were surprisingly happy to go along with whatever I suggested! Beyond these amazing new skills, I have found fabulous new synchronicities occurring on an ever increasing basis, as if the Universe itself was lending a friendly hand in my wishes and desires. Worth the investment many times over!!!" P.K. 

Note:  {the Mental Psychic Seduction System now has five (5) CDs -- Reed just added the "Advanced Psychic Seduction CD™ a/k/a "Auto Seduce Anyone Now™" -- for more information about this system please email us or subscribe today.  Thanks.}


 "Hi Reed,
 Due to a very interesting medical emergency I never did get a chance to
 give you feedback on the experimental CD. The results from listening to the
 first track twice a day for the last three weeks have been almost beyond
 My left hand still has a lot of impairment after my stroke, so I didn't
 know if you would rather get this testimonial on audio instead of just
 poor typing. If so, please feel free to call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.
 Some of the more interesting results:
 -I've lost 12 lbs in the last two months while having a sweet or candy every
 -I've also been getting back far more mental functioning than the therapists
 thought possible in this short time!
 -- it's like my brain cell development went back to when I was small, making
 new nueral pathways and brain cells really quickly to replace the old ones
 that ere damaged.
 Like I said, it's been beyond awesome for me!
 Thanks for all the fantastic work you do! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!"


Received: Thursday, June 20, 2002 5:39 PM


Thanks for the CD. I like it quite a bit--it's a good, solid session 
(although, IMHO, not up to the very high level of some of your others such 
as Millionaire Mindset and Total Mind Power). The induction is excellent, a 
very nice ultra-depth one. I have no particular preference as to the 
'effects' used in track one or two--both are equally appealing to me.
For personal reasons, I prefer track 2 and used it by far the most. 
Having been in this 'game' for a long time, I prefer tapes/cds with little 
or no inductions--one reason I enjoy many of your cds that don't have any, 
or don't have real long ones. I've gotten to the point where I just don't 
need an induction, so track 2 suited me best.
The main result has been a slightly decreased need for sleep and a bit 
more energy. I find myself sleeping probably 30-60 minutes less a 
night--which is always nice, having more time in the day. The other 
interesting result is anecdotal. I went to a local sports bar with an old 
friend a week or so ago. Now, mind you, I am staring my 39th birthday in 
the I'm sure you can understand how my friend (who is a year 
younger than me) almost fell off his chair when the waitress asked to see my 
ID. So at some level, at least, the 'youthing' does, indeed, seem to be 
having an effect. ;-)
I had hoped to have a bit more time to compile a second report for you as 
I have passed the cd on to my father to use. He hasn't been using it long 
enough for me to fully evaluate the impact. If anything noticeable occurs, I 
will write you about it in the future. However....

I have to pass on one of the most intriguing anecdotes that I have 
encountered in all my years of involvement with hypnotherapy and the new 
therapies. As you probably recall, my dad was one of the first to use your 
healing tape and I wrote a 'testimonial' about how it had significantly 
reduced the normal treatment time and greatly reduced the side effects.
About 9 months or so after his full recovery, one day he was rushed to 
the hospital with massive breathing problems, chills, etc. As the day wore 
on, things got worse, and I watched at one point as a team of doctors worked 
feverishly on him. Eventually they stabilized him, and only after many hours 
did they finally diagnose some sort of blood infection. It was literally 
'devouring' the oxygen in his blood supply, hence the incredibly rapid 
breathing/shortness of breath and chills. A doctor later told me that it 
was the worst he had seen in years. The story about your tape picks up at 
this point.

My dad spent about 4 days in ICU and a couple in a normal room. Only 
after he had been home for about a week did he tell me when I was visiting 
one night what had happened. He said that when he regained consciousness in 
ICU and began to become fully aware, that the first thing he 'saw'--his eyes 
were still closed--was nothing but red. Humorously, he told me that his 
first thought was, "Oh shit, I've died and gone to Hell." Eventually he 
opened his eyes and realized that wasn't the case :-). But each time he 
closed them, he saw nothing but red.
In a short time he began to notice that it wasn't just pure red; in fact, 
there were many black spots or blotches scattered all about the red surface. 
Over the next few days, he found that he still saw the red whenever his 
eyes were closed, but that the number of spots gradually decreased. I was 
able to tell him exactly what had been going on: healing imagery. He later 
told the story to two of his doctors who stood in amazement at it. One 
commented, "You were watching your blood being cleaned."
I found this incredibly interesting, as the tape--after almost a 
--had so effectively installed the imagery process, that it became 
totally automatic and essentially permanent.
Well done! (And thank you) :-)
These days, due to his age (77), he has a problem sleeping all night long 
without waking up several times in the night. My hope in giving him this 
new experimental CD is that it will alleviate this. Will let you know if 
there is any improvement over time (he has only been using the cd for a 
short while).

Thanks again and keep up the good work,
KP" [emphasis added.]


Testimonial on November 4, 2002:

"OHMIGOD do I LOVE the pheromone tape! I totally went under in seconds...and I could actual feel it working. Will wait a week before I
start the other tape, too.

I am going back to your site to look for more more more!"


Testimonial regarding TCMCS received on 10-29-02

"You asked about my experience with the mind control 3 cd set. I received the mind control cd's about two weeks ago. I listen to the
Dual Binaural Beats every morning and the Dual Induction Mind control every night, I've been sending messages to this gal that I haven't seen
in over a year (we had a disagreement and haven't talked since) She shows up at my front door and wanted to talk things over. It worked!

Thanks, J. B."


"Hi Reed,

I only have a minute but I wanted to tell you that I think this disc is your
best so far (and I probably own 30 of your CDs!) I got it almost a week ago
and I'm amazed at how easy and "reflex like" it is for me to push thoughts
to others. (And I was pretty good before this disc already!) In the past two
days I used it to get helpful responses from a company where 3 people said
what I wanted couldn't be done, I also had my two dear ones thinking in
better, more productive ways -- and no one knew they were repeating back to
me the thought I just pushed on them!

I'm still happy to give feedback on the experimental CD btw! Let's figure
out a time that works!


Gotta run,"


Man the work you guy's are putting out is getting better and better. I'm blown away with the latest i received.. has me buzzing all over.. it was #2 in the seduction series "automatic flirt & pheromone"

Ive studied hypnosis for about 4 years now.. "Erickson.. etc." that latest CD is da'bomb..

This evening at the Community College i go to, i was a flirting machine.. all had a blast during our breaks!



"I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate your work. I usually listen to one of your CDs every night when I sleep. Most often either the millionaire mind or the experimental cd re: fountain of youth. I love both of those. Since I am deeply involved in non-profit work I especially love that you incorporate concepts related to "for the good of others" into your suggestions. I have studied Kabbalah for many years. One of the first and primary lessons is that we "channel" God's blessings. That is, we are channels ourselves and when we seek to receive it should always be for the sake of sharing. If we block the sharing part of our channel - obstruct the channel - we will be come spiritually and maybe even physically ill. Like wise if we only give and fail to receive we are also blocking the channel. Receiving and giving must always be an open channel. In fact, the Hebrew root of the Hebrew word for "blessing" is the same as the Hebrew word for channel. And in Israel today is used as the word for an irrigation canal. You may one day want to do a cd on making oneself a channel of blessing. Receiving and giving. Giving and receiving.

There are a lot of other implications in this concept. Gratitude, charity, prosperity, and abundance all go together.

Also, I am studying Reiki. I read and hear from other Reiki students that they cannot "feel" the energy. Some people feel it, others don't. In Reiki teaching it's not supposed to make a difference if you can "feel" it or not. It's supposed to work anyway. By your "intention". However, it might make a person feel more confident when he used Reiki for healing if he could "feel" it. Are you familiar with Reiki? If so, you probably know what I am talking about. If not, I could send you more information. What I am getting at is that perhaps you might want to consider doing a Reiki cd. Re: giving and receiving attunements and for the healers to feel the energy. Using the Reiki symbols. Etc. There are a lot of Reiki people out there and an abundant amount of website and newsletters on the subject. You could sell a lot of cd's and be doing some great work. You could even "energize" the cd's with Reiki. The Reiki students and healers would love that. If you are interested, I will send you Reiki attunements up through Master level so that you can in turn send them out on cd or any other way you want. 

BTW today is my birthday. Your cd's have helped to make this a very good birthday for me. I know it's all in the intention and focus - that's part of all good spiritual teachings. But knowing something intellectually and "knowing" it emotionally and spiritually - on a cellualr level, let's say - are quiet different. My critical mind is always interfering with my creative mind. The editor is ever present is the principal cause of writer's block. I know. I am a writer. The trick is getting past the editor/critic mind. Like Psychocybernetics. You are helping me to do that with your excellent cd's. Thank you so much.

That gives me another idea for you. Getting past writer's block. There are 8000 other members of the Writers Guild. They all have writer's block at one time or another. You could help them, too! Is there no end to the need for what you do? Probably not.

Love and light,"


"The latest CD that i have received is very powerful.. #2 in the seduction
series "automatic flirting".. just received it yesterday and on the first
listen i felt my body resonate.. this is going to make a quantum shift with


Sent: Sunday, June 16, 2002 4:03 PM

"Mr. Reed,

I don't know if you remember me or not, but I had got a cassette from you about 2 months ago or longer. On Mind Control On Others. This tape
is so awesome it worked for me 3 days after I received it....


Bright Blessings To You, and Thank You for doing this making these tapes. Your an awesome person. Thanks,"


"Heya Reed

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know I recieved the Develop Total Mind Power CD a couple of days ago & have started using it. I've already started seeing minor results and am really looking forward to see what else I'm in for. :)

I really can't thank you enough for working with me and giving me this chance 
for some much needed self-improvement/empowerment. My best wishes to you and 
your company. 



This E-mail is from Kim who was having problems achieving orgasm.  Reed produced a "Custom" CD for her and this was the E-mail Reed received a few weeks later:

From: [email protected and on file]
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 1:39 PM
Subject: RE: CD For Kim

Since I've been using the cd, I've had no problems with asking for what I want, even being more forward in bed is no problem. My confidence is through the roof, and I'm VERY pleased to say I had my FIRST orgasm with my boyfriend a week or so ago!!! It's been 8 years I've been with him and I've not been able to bring myself to anywhere NEAR the points I've been recently. 
It feels easier and easier to allow myself to be satisfied and my boyfriend is quite happy with me. I no longer have the fear that he'll look to "try out" another girl so he can be sure HE can still satisfy someone. My days of desperately searching through self help books, and women's magazine articles for advice on being "frigid" are OVER!!!! There is no reason to go through life numb from the waist down. It really IS all in your head, and though I had to concentrate quite a bit to get that first orgasm, I feel it will be easier and easier the more practice I get. And I used to not be able to concentrate at all before. My mind would stray to what my partner was thinking about me, how I looked, what he was looking at, if I was making him happy..... I refused to think selfishly, and that turned out to be pretty selfish in itself. Getting satisfaction from sex is not selfish at all, I realize, because it is really a mutual experience. No one should feel so badly about their bodies as to mentally incapacitate themselves orgasmically speaking. Ii did that, and I'm glad I found help for myself in the right place. There are so many dead ended "answers" to the question to frigidity. It really starts and ends in your head. You can be what you want to be, and as soon as all o f us chicks unleash our Sex Goddess, we won't be pleasing our men to full
potential AND we are cheating ourselves of the awesome power that is generated between two people.
Don't fear it embrace it!!!!

Thanks a MILLION!!!!


[Testimonial used with permission, Kim's first name was included with permission. This testimonial was spell checked and thus contains different spelling than the original.]


January 23, 2002 -- Reed received the following email about The Complete Mind Control System:

"Let me share with you some of the results, events or things that I have noticed starting to occurring in my life since I have started practicing/listening to your hypnosis cd's and applying the techniques in your manual.

Now to the part to where I have used it to control other minds, I have very clearly impacted/planted a thought of love/lust into this girl that I have been attracted to for years now. It has taken a couple of weeks for me to see results but now every time I see her, just by looking into her eyes I can notice that is some form of attraction between us, something that has never existed before (its seems as though the more I ignore her the more she is becoming attracted to me)

Having limited results from Magick, and tried psionics, I personally found your method/way described in your manual to effect events/people in life the most Effective way of mind control, plus it works a lot better and the greatest thing is that you only need your mind, no expensive radionics equipment :-)

Making people kinder/nicer to me I find is the easiest thing to do in my opinion, I find that my part time job is now much more enjoyable since my supervisor/boss is nicer to me.

In two weeks I will be starting my next year at college which I am really looking forward because I now know I have the ability to make my teacher's/other students nicer to me, plus your accelerated learning tape has improved my memory, but the greatest thing is that when I go to apply for my course/degree next year and have a interview with the university I know deep down that due to my new power's I'll be able to get in. (although I have never told anyone and will never tell anyone that I have the ability to control other thoughts.)

All's fair in love and war.

I also plan on bringing my friends parents back together and forgetting what happened using mind control powers), as they just divorced and he has been depressed for the last couple of months. the greatest thing is that I know they will come back together and it will seem as though it was natural :-)

Just one last example, We/My family used to have some neighbor's that lived right next to us for 2 years now and have been nothing to us but trouble. Just after charismas I started to visualized every day a new neighbor living in their house, quite amazed when last week my father told me the good news they are moving out soon.

Just before I go, I would like to comment on how I agree that being able to develop these types of power's is really priceless which Is why I keep your cds/manual hidden locked up all the time when I'm not using them.

In the next couple of months when I have saved up enough money and believe as though I am ready to progress and further develop my mind power's I will contact you. If you have any master copies left and do decide to sell me the advanced system I would feel very honored by you doing that so.

Overall, Thanks for selling me your basic mind control course (which works), and giving me the opportunity to live the life I've always wanted to live. THANK YOU !!, I mean it..."

m. c.

[testimonial used with permission. name withheld by request. actual email testimonial on file.  This testimonial was spell checked and thus contains different spelling than the original.]


This E-mail was received on March 20, 2002 :

"Wow! These are the most intense hypnosis tapes I have ever tried.
My husband has a question, he wondered if they would still work for you even if you don't believe they will?
I know one thing for a fact, you will go under listening to these rather you want to or not.
Do you use them?  [then in another E-mail C.W. writes...]

I love the tapes, they are revolutionary because they dare brooch more of the minds true vast potential then simply relaxation and breaking addiction. I am almost surpassed someone hasn't made them illegal! 
You can use me as a reference any time! 

On another note, 
Your prices are reasonable enough that everyone can afford them unlike many people selling on ebay. 



This E-mail was received on April 24, 2002 :

"I just got the brain power cd from you yesterday in the mail. Thank you. My wife and I meditated 
to it last night. It was really great. I've gotten a lot of meditation cd's none of them have taken me so deep, so quick. 

Looking forward to the other CD! :)"  by W.W.


This E-mail was received in August 2002 :

"I started using the OBE CD out of curiosity. I
wanted the experience, but was too apprehensive to
have one. I didn't know if a hypnosis CD could help
me, but I was willing to try. I made the right choice!
The CD is designed to provide safety and support
during the OBE, so I found it easy to travel...and
travel I did! I've had a high degree of success, and
constantly surprise myself with where (and when) I go.
The CD has rapidly become one of my favorites. Since I
began using it, I've noted increased relaxation,
greater creativity, enhanced dream recall..."



Reed Received this testimonial on August 8, 2002 --

"I would just like to say that last year I purchased the CMCS [the Complete Mind Control System] from you and it has been an excellent program.

IT DOES WORK I was totally amazed. Thank you and looking forward to future purchases."


Received on: Thursday, October 24, 2002 3:37 PM

"I just wanted to let you know how I was doing + maybe a question or two. First, I can totally tell the difference when I'm using the mind control 
techniques on someone and when I'm not. The past 3 weeks or so I've been doing the techniques on a particular girl in class, and it is absolutely 
ridiculous how effective it is. This girl wears a promise ring, but I didn't notice it until after I had already begun working on her. Then, one day I 
sat in front of her and didn't say a word to her, but I noticed that during the lecture, she took her ring off and began to look at it. The very next 
day, for some reason, she didn't wear her ring to class and I again, didn't say a word to her until she started the conversation with me. Now, the very 
least I can say is that we're friends, but I can tell I'm on her mind.

Yesterday, for example, she sees that I have a pen on my desk to take a test, and out of the blue hands me her pencil and goes into her bag for 
another pencil. She's trying to take care of me. LOL. The only problem is, it's a little bit of an ethical dilemma because of this guy she's been 
seeing for the past 2 and a half years. Do I continue to work on her, or stop? We share so much in common. I'll let you know if something serious 
develops, which it is heading that way in my opinion. Like the manual says "you will get what you want"

To clarify my previous email about a month ago... I asked what to do if there is something you don't want someone to do. For example, in the above 
situation, (purely hypothetical here) say I think this girl is in a bad relationship or it's abusive or something like that. What type of  "suggestion" would I use to steer them away from something, or in this case someone? Or, do I just have to pick something else to steer them to and hope that it all works the way I want it to?

Finally, this stuff has opened my mind to limitless possibilities. I think most of us go through life with certain rules and personal limitations that 
we impose on ourselves. The very smallest side effect of the CDs that I've noticed with myself is that I believe I can do just about anything if I put 
my mind to it. You can quote me on that."


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