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Your First 100 Million Dollars

I told him not to do it.

It's too powerful.

They won't believe it's possible, and if they do, they'll change the world.

"Let them use it to their benefit" he said.

I still don't think you should ever release this to the general public.



Do you think they'll believe enough to actually USE them?

If they do, imagine what will happen!

I know.

I guess the real question is...

Can You Imagine Having 100 MILLION DOLLARS Now?

If you can, then Reed made the right choice.

Against my advice, Reed Byron has released a new NLP Hypnosis Audio, AAT Audio, and Sleep Programming Audio called

"Your First 100 Million Dollars"

Shhhhh, Don't tell anyone, but . . .

It was originally for Platinum members of his Inner-Circle.

This is the first set of "Platinum" Audios he has ever released . . . and I think it might be his last because all the Platinum Members are giving him pressure to keep these discs secure and safe from everyone else out there. You see . . .

You can't get these Audios...

Watch the video...

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